Here our fact-filled otter reveals information about the shipping method, shipping costs and delivery times in and outside Germany. 

The goods are shipped with DHL. 

Shipping costs and delivery times depend on whether the delivery address is inside or outside Germany. 

Shipping costs and delivery times within Germany

Delivery takes about 3-4 working days.

The shipping costs are 7,50 Euro incl. VAT. 

From 30,00 Euro shopping cart value your order is free of shipping costs.

Shipping costs and delivery times outside Germany

Delivery takes about 7-10 working days. 

Shipping costs depend on the country of delivery:

Shipping costs incl. VAT
Belgium17,00 €
Bulgaria38,50 €
Croatia25,40 €
Cyprus36,10 €
Czech17,00 €
Denemark17,00 €
Estonia36,10 €
Finland36,10 €
France18,20 €
Greece38,40 €
Hungary18,20 €
Ireland40,80 €
Italy20,60 €
Lithuania20,60 €
Luxembourg36,10 €
Norway36,10 €
Romania25,40 €
Sweden20,60 €
Slovakia20,60 €
Slovenia20,60 €
Spain26,50 €
Swiss27,70 €
United Kingdom31,30 €